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En la Wikipedia, buscando el arma, hay un apartado sobre el subfusil en el cine, que dice:
As opposed to the vast use of the Thompson in films, the Reising is known to have appeared in the 1943 20th Century Fox film Guadalcanal Diary where the Marine patrol is pinned down on the beach and being picked off by the Japanese defenders, and also in the 1944 RKO film Marine Raiders where the weapon jammed during a Guadalcanal sequence. A Reising appeared in the 1952 British film of the Malayan Emergency The Planter's Wife where Jack Hawkins called it a "Riesling". MGM used a Reising camouflaged to look like a German MP40 submachine gun in Go for Broke! and some episodes of Combat! and Shootout!. Several Reisings appear in the hands of a gang of robbers led by Jan Murray in the 1971 crime thriller "Day of the Wolves". It also made an appearance in the 2000 film U571. The Reising was most recently seen in the 2010 HBO Mini-Series The Pacific in Episode 2 being carried by Sgt. John Basilone.

Según dice, aparece en:
Guadalcanal Diary - Diario de Guadalcanal
Marine Raiders
Go for Broke! - A por todas!
Combat! - ¡Combate!
Day of the Wolves - Día de lobos
U571 - De la que tu mismo hablas
The Pacific
Entre otras...

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